How to Get Your Pendant Lighting Right


Pendant lighting fixtures are currently being applied in a wide variety of settings and also in various rooms. But there is a skill involved in getting it right. You have to follow some simple guidelines in order to have winning pendant lighting themes and also install them in the right way in your premises. Here are some novel ways in which you can use these pendant fixtures in order to achieve the desired effect in your rooms and spaces:

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Using them over a table

This is probably one of the most popular areas to use your pendant lights. They can be hung at heights ranging from 28 inches to 32 inches. However, the height all depends on your personal preferences. You can choose to go higher and lower when hanging your pendant lighting. Other factors that can determine the pendant lighting include the ceiling height as well as size of the pendant fixtures.

When buying your fixtures, you must also define the purpose. For example, are you looking for ambient lighting or task lighting? You have to buy the fixtures that will serve the desired purpose in the location. You can choose to hang a single pendant or multiple pendants on top of the table for great aesthetics.

Use in the hallways

This is another popular avenue for using the pendant lighting. Here, you can use them to dramatic effect but also to cast shadows and add beauty to your hallways. If you have very high hallways, do not hang them too high that they are barely visible from the entryways. The purpose of the pendant lighting is not just for the functional lighting but also as a decorative aspect. This is especially case if you are using unique fixtures such as the handmade pendant lighting. If you want some beautiful classic look in the hallways, for example, you can hang multiple pendant fixtures along the hallway for a truly dramatic effect and a very classic look.

Use in the stairwells

When they are properly used in the stairwells, the pendant lighting can add a nice sculptural aspect in the home. They will offer you the required lighting and keep the stairwells brilliantly lit. Make sure that they are high enough in order to allow for sufficient clearance for those that are using the stairs.

Use above the kitchen islands

Here is another great place where you can put your pendant lighting to great use. The kitchen islands need to be well lit and what better way to do it than with decorative pendant lights that blend in well with the design in the kitchen? But in the kitchen, their purpose is mainly task lighting while also reinforcing the general kitchen design. The pendants can be at least 72 inches above the kitchen flooring or some 28 inches to 34 inches above your kitchen countertops.

In the middle of rooms

If you have certain pieces of furniture placed in the middle of rooms, then you can hang the pendant fixtures above them. This allows you to create a very functional and dramatic effect to your rooms. Putting the furniture below the fixture also eliminates the risk that someone is going to walk beneath these fixtures and bump their heads on them!…


Your baby is special: get a gift basket


Buying gifts for your baby is very fulfilling only when you get the perfect gift for the child. Coming in various types and designs, people can choose a product of their choice. Baby gift baskets come in different designs and types as dictated by the sex of the baby, or whether twins or triplets, to ensure that it fulfils the intended purpose. Regardless of the type of the basket, the presents need to be delightful and mesmerizing to show how special the baby is to the buyer. Designers normally make them stylish and unique with perfect color matches to ensure that they are glorious.

baby gift baskets

Types of the baby gift baskets

The girl baby gift basket comes equipped with stylish girlish items to make the baby feel cared for and unique. It is normally big and it contains things like a cuddly blanket, two undershirts and snaps as well as other bedroom items to make the baby have a nice sleep. Being at her tender age, tee shirts and newborn cap would serve to make her warm and comfortable throughout. A baby wash, lotion and baby powder are among the most items contained in the baby gift basket for girls. A baby book is as well available. Baby gifts baskets range in price, and so their constituents might be few or small depending on the price.

For a baby boy gift basket, the constituents are meant to be boyish to fulfil the intended purpose. A soothing skin baby bath, a baby shampoo and baby towel is among the components meant to give the baby a nice washing from the caretaker. A coordinated wash cloth, burp cloth and a baby lotion are as well available. A stripped puppy for the baby to play with is as well available. A storage bowl with lid is also available for the baby’s milk or food to be kept safely.

Where to buy the perfect gift for your baby

There are also neutral baskets, which serve all the purposes for both boys and girls. This is good, especially for the babies who are still unborn and their sex is not yet determined. Most of the things contained here are meant for bathing, playing and entertainment but not wearing. It contains things like a baby shampoo, bath towel, baby lotion and powder. However, baskets for baby gift vary depending on price and requirements of the buyer. Sometimes they can be customized to meet the buyer’s requirements. Neutral baby gift baskets can serve any purpose regardless of the gender of the child. Read more at HTTP://WWW.TOADLANE.COM.AU/

There are special baskets, which are meant for the special kind of babies. These include basket for twins, triplets or siblings. Since they are special, the buyer can ask for customization of the items contained in the gift basket. However, you must buy baby gift baskets only if you are sure of what is contained inside to be sure that it is going to fulfil your needs. Buying from the most experienced manufacturers who use high profile materials always guarantees satisfaction. There are also personalized gifts like customized chairs and walking boards for babies.…


Guidelines When Buying Micro SD Cards


Need help when you buy micro SD card? The task is actually simpler than it seems. However, you need to know the factors to look into when you buy to ensure that a) the SD card is compatible with your device, and b) it works efficiently. Just as it is easy to buy them, you could easily fall into the trap of buying the right type, size or format.
Follow these guidelines when you buy micro SD card:
1. Make sure that the card is compatible with your device. This is the most important factor to consider when you buy an SD card. All micro SD cards might fit into the slot of your device, but not all of them are going to work. You should learn about the different card formats because this will impact the compatibility with the device. In general, they are classified as microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC. They are all the same size but they work differently. A microSD card can hold up to 2 GB of files, while microSDHC can hold up to 32 GB of files. A microSDXC card carries the highest capacity with up to 2 TB of files.
2. Speed is another important factor to consider. Aside from the formats and compatibility, you need to determine the speed of the card that is fit for the intended use. There are currently four speed class classifications used by manufacturers of micro SD cards. It is important to determine the base level performance of a card so you will know if it is suitable in performing a certain task.
3. You should invest in the right type of card for the task. Micro SD cards are manufactured in varying compatibility formats. Therefore, it is smart to select a type that is primarily intended for a specific use. For example, if you want to buy a card to enhance the storage capacity of your smartphone, choose the card with the highest capacity. You do not have to take speed into account because you won’t be transferring files too often – all you need is extra storage capacity. At the same time, you need a different type of card for photography, and so on.
4. Learn more about the brands. Have you ever had the experience wherein a memory card just stopped working? Despite lack of damage, you cannot use your memory card for no apparent reason. Investing on a reliable brand is recommended by experts, especially when you are handling important files on your SD card. You cannot afford to cheap out on brands that are of lower quality – or else you could lose all your files! It is important to do a review of each brand to determine which ones offer greater performance, protection against shock or contact, and higher level of reliability.
Given these tips in mind, you should select a reliable store to buy micro SD card from. A website like Cheap Chips is a trusted seller of SD cards and other technological accessories. Therefore, you can ensure that your cards are authentic and reliable!

Purchasing tips of glass showcases


A stunning glass showcase is one that can stand out from the rest and retain its propensity; it has an efficiency that is hardly similar to any glass showcases Melbourne has to offer. It ensures that you guard your valued arrangements as well as presenting them with a functional attractiveness of a unique glass display. As a result, deciding on the ultimate glass display that you need can prove to be a significant challenge, as it can be very hard to decide on what will satisfy your set need and might be expensive than you had imagined.

As a result, before you start planning on a glass display, you will need to determine your favourite facets and keep in mind the various characteristics that a showcase provides. This goes as well in how you would like to utilize the presentation of your current furniture.

Essential tips

1. Decide what to display

The first thing is deciding on exactly what you would like to display on the glass showcase. It is important you shop around and identify the availableglass showcases Melbourne has today – for example, what could be available is the display cabinet glasses. They can come in large or small sizes, which will be able to accommodate your collections that are of any height or width. If you are looking for an affordable display cabinet, then this is the one, as it will be able to hold your smaller valuable items that you would like your guests to admire while at your home.

2. Size of the collection

The next thing you would need to do is decide on the size of your collection that you hope to display in the glass showcase. If you would like to show items that are large in volume, it is recommended that you purchase the upper-end type of glass display. You can also use the glass showcase as a featured centrepiece in a room, if you display various aesthetics, in contrast to the typical standard glass displays that are best for the mid-sized and small collections. Selecting an appropriate number of items that will be displayed in the glass showcase is also essential; it will help give you an idea if the space present is enough.

3. Arranging the items

Getting a glass showcase and picking out the items to be displayed is not sufficient if you do not arrange them appropriately. Therefore, it is important that you take the arrangement of your items into consideration. Another factor you would need to consider is whether the cabinet display will be a precaution against wear and tear of your collectables, or if you plan to handle them frequently. If you are more concerned with protecting your collection, then the aspect of longevity and endurance is something that you should keep in mind. The third point you would need to think of is whether the glass showcase is a means of adding the overall value to your collectables.

The various glass showcases Melbourne has today have an array of options, to ensure that you receive a tailored appearance that will complement your collections.


What to Look For in a Catering Contract


If you have finally chosen a corporate catering Melbourne service to handle the food for your wedding, corporate events or other similar occasions, it might see like the hard part is over. However, it is not. You still have a few important things to handle in terms of ironing out the details of your catering contract. It is important that you carefully read every detail and terms of the contract so you can get the services you expect.
Below is a rundown of essential things to look out for in your contract agreement with corporate or wedding caterers in Melbourne:
• Make sure that the exact location of the event and the time of the event are listed in the contract agreement. You need to coordinate with your wedding catering or office catering Melbourne service about any last minute changes to the agreed time and venue on the contract.
• The contract for corporate catering Melbourne service should specify the types of services you can enjoy with the company. For instance, most caterers will offer table setup and waiting service to be included in the catering package. However, not all caterers offer this kind of service, or will charge additional fees if you want for these services to be added into the package. If you do not find this information detailed in the contract, make sure that you talk to your caterer about this.
• The contract should outline the staff to guest ratio, as well as the sizes of the food served to suit the number of your guests. The least you would want to happen in your wedding or corporate event is for food to run out, leaving some of the guests without food.
• The contract should specify the name and contact details of the catering company’s contact person. Most caterers are made up of several staff members. Hence, it can be confusing when you are trying to determine who to talk to if you have any concerns. A contact person must be clearly indicated in the contract so you know who to speak to if you have any concerns or changes you want to be made.
• The contract agreement should also provide a detailed list of food items or menu to be served at the event. If liquors or beverages are to be served at the venue, then make sure that they are also included in the contract.
• A contract agreement should clearly state when the catering company expects for the final payment to be made. Catering companies expect the service to be fully paid a few days or weeks prior to the event. Hence, you need to check this information on the contract to avoid forfeiture of the initial down payment you have made. In addition, you must also check the cancellation and refund policy.
Hiring a corporate catering Melbourne service is not cheap. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that the contract contains the services you expect to get from your caterer. Contracts are always negotiable; hence, you need to read the fine print carefully to ensure that any loopholes are fixed.


How to Achieve Perfection and Creativity in Your Cake Decorations


Having trouble looking for an efficient means on how to acquire quality cake decorating supplies either for your business or personal interests? Look no further; from icings, to cake sprinkles, to patty pans, colors, flavorings, decorating equipment and other edibles, Choice Cakes & Decorating Centre are made just for you.

The number one people’s choice on supplying decorated scrumptious cakes in Melbourne, are the people to call for your ultimate dream cake. Having a 30 year experience, the term world-class applies to them since they have world class cake decorating supplies Australia has today. Their full range of supplies includes:

1. Icing. White, Almond, Orchard, chocolate flavored, sugar icing, name it.

2. Cake mixes. White chocolate, choc cherry, Mississippi mudcake, chocolate paste, gluten free muffins, carrot cake mix, banana cake mix, etc.

3. Decorating equipment. Cake writers, nozzles and fittings.

4. Cake sprinkles. Giving your cake a dazzling look for birthdays and any other personal occasions, they have sanding sugar, nonpareils(4oz), sugar pearls, jimmies, candy beads, pink heart sprinkles, are just but a few examples.

5. Colours and flavourings. These are basically what give cake its meaning. Whichever your choice is: bright, mild or dark; they cater for all your needs. Remember, the brighter the more gel concentration and this blends with ease compared to the darker ones since dark ones are made of more colors.

6. Florist tape, croton leaf veiner, triple flower mould, 3D female torso mould, anthurium veiner, cordyline long leaf veiner and universal oval mould are the full range of clearance items they have just or you.

7. Other edibles. From vanilla sugar to cream stabilizer, corn syrup, tylose, egg-white powder, to white and dark chocolate. It is basically your one-stop shop for cake decorating supplies Australia.

The new digital environment demands for e-banking, e-communication to e-businesses. Choice Cakes has not been left behind in this. They cater for your needs if you require cake decorating supplies online. Orders and payments can be made at your own comfort. In addition to this, they offer cake tins for sale and hire so that you can enjoy homemade cakes. Unfortunately though, postages are out of the question so as to avoid damage.

As for those who are interested in homemaking and/or starting a business and need to learn how to decorate a cake, they offer a course on just how you can do that. Operating from Chirnside Park, they teach you how to ice your cake, using cupcake to decorate and flowering and, of course, any other basic techniques you need to know. All at affordable prices and will be able to equal their great techniques. If interested, HTTP://WWW.CHOICECAKES.COM is the website to visit for cake decorating supplies online.

One of the most eye-catching techniques that intrigue you every other time is the ability to make idols of the bride and groom, i.e. wedding cake topping. Wedding cake toppers Australia have the ability to intrigue and awe. Using nothing but the best equipment for the job, they assure perfection as they attend to your big day. If over 30years of experience, secret recipes and award winning cakes from Choice Cakes does not win you over, then nothing else will.


The Advantages of Using Screw Caps as Wine Closures


When the screw cap stormed the market, wine producers and lovers were quite skeptical about its suitability for the industry. Wine lovers have sort of grown accustomed to the cork closures which have been used for generations. Many wine producers have for years debated on the merits of using screw caps in place of the good old cork due to the cork-tainting that many wine producers are now quite familiar with. But the advantages of the screw caps in stoppering the wine bottles now outweigh the skepticism.

If wine will be stored for months before it is sold or consumed, then it is best that it is not corked in order to prevent the risks of cork-tainting which can also taint the reputation of the wine producer or retailer. Buyers will not blame cork-tainting. They will simply blame the retail store or the brand for selling bad wine so it is important for wine producers to give very careful consideration on the type of stoppers that they will use for their wines. Screw caps offer a significant advantage even though they might not be as “brandable” as cork which comes with a brand value. But there is a growing trend where even consumers are undergoing a mindset change and slowly embracing wines that are not necessarily corked.

The Advantages of Using Screw Caps

Screw cap has its place as good wine bottle closures. High-quality red wines should be sealed with high grade corks that allow the wine to age and breathe well. Sealing with screw caps could be economically viable for commercial wines as many of these wines are produced to be consumed while still fresh. Wine lovers are increasingly opting for the capped wine bottles because it is more convenient to twist the cap off than to mess around with a corkscrew and foil cutter.

Screw cap forms a tight seal that doesn’t allow passage of gas and eliminates the cork taint problem. Wine producers who are keen on preserving the quality of wine now use screw caps.

Another advantage of a screw cap is that it provides a perfect seal with diverse types of liners. In the past, the ultra-tight seal of the screw caps was thought to cause reduction or hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) in wines but this myth has now been dispelled.

The screw cap is very effective in retaining the natural fruitiness of the wine, compared to other stoppers. They are easier to remove from the bottle than both synthetic and natural corks. They make for a safe opening of the wine bottles without much fuss.

However, there was an argument concerning whether screw caps allow wine to age like a natural cork does. In view of the fact that aging of a bottle of wine may take 5-50 years, and the screw cap is actually a new development, it will take some time to determine whether or not the wine will also age naturally where screw caps are used.

Latest technologies have almost perfectly replicated natural and the permeability value of the natural cork. If you are looking for good screw caps and other metal closures for wine, you can find some quality products from Interpack. The company designs and manufactures metal closures for wine and beer bottles. They also offer metal decorating and printing services for metal cans. They can manufacture better screw caps and other bottling products for your wines and beers faster and at an affordable rate.…


Understanding the Fusion of Thai and American Cuisine


Thai cuisine is undoubtedly one of the more popular Asian cuisines in the world. Wherever you may be in the world, you can find a Thai restaurant in any city. Hence, it speaks a lot about the popularity of the cuisine. It is therefore not surprising why a lot of modern chefs or cooking enthusiasts are looking for Thai recipes to be able to master the techniques of this cuisine.

Thai recipes

Over the years, though, Thai cuisine has seen a dramatic change and evolution. With more Thai natives migrating to the US, a lot of them had brought back some of the American influences to their native land. Meanwhile, there are also several successful Thai chefs based in the US that are incorporating several American cooking techniques and ingredients into their stir fry recipes or San Choy Bow recipe. This has resulted in a marriage of two different flavors and techniques from two different cuisines to produce a unique cuisine.

One of the initial stages of fusion between American and Thai cuisine involves the use of peanut sauce. This particular sauce is an integral component that made up authentic Thai cooking. Aside from the sauce, peanut is also used in a lot of Thai recipes, along with other derivative products from peanut. Today, American cuisine has also used peanut and peanut sauce in a lot of its modern recipes.

The health benefits of Thai cuisine are also no secret, which has prompted a lot of Americans to adapt their way of cooking. The use of fresh herbs, for instance, contributes to a healthier way of cooking. Fresh herbs such as basil, coriander, turmeric, lemon grass, and more herbs, are known to not only enrich the flavor of dishes but also offer several health benefits. American and Thai fusion cuisines therefore feature a lot of these herbs to take up the flavor to another level and experience health benefits. After all, science has proven that these natural herbs contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and other harmful toxins off the body.

There are certain limitations to recreating Thai Masterchef recipes in the US, though. For instance, there are several ingredients used in Thai cuisine that are sourced only from Thailand and not available in the US. Hence, it is difficult to recreate these recipes unless you have access to those ingredients. And this alone is what makes Thai cuisine highly coveted and well preserved. A lot of recipes from Thai cuisine infused with American influences replace most of those ingredients with the closest substitutes. It takes a lot of creativity to be able to replicate the dish with different set of ingredients. However, it is also a testament to the American creativity as they provide their own variation to these classic Thai dishes.

If you would like to explore more of Thai cuisine and modern recipes, visit http://marionskitchen.com.au/. Marion’s Kitchen features a lot of modern methods of cooking and enjoying Thai recipes. You can also check out her recipes that were infused with a modern take to make it easier to learn and master the techniques of Thai cooking.…


Where to Find the Best Sushi in Bangkok


Japanese is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Hence, it is not surprising to find several Japanese restaurants no matter where you are in the world. Such is the case in Bangkok. In fact, you will find a great selection if you are looking for a sushi restaurant in Bangkok. But if you only have a limited time (and budget) to explore, it is important to narrow down your list to the very best. You have come to the right place as you will learn more about where to get the best sushi while in Bangkok.

Tsu & Nami

If you are looking for a sushi restaurant in Bangkok, this one is like hitting two birds in one. Tsu is where you can find the sushi bar, while Nami is where you can indulge in all sorts of teppanyaki goodness. Hence, this is a hot destination for sushi lovers in Bangkok because you do not have to go elsewhere to satisfy your cravings.

Don’t expect for this to be a cheap dining destination, though, as this restaurant is located in the upscale Marriott Hotel.


Another posh Japanese restaurant has landed in Bangkok! Zuma has branches in other top cities in the world such as Miami, Dubai, and London. They have finally landed in Bangkok to deliver the same sushi goodness, which made it a big name worldwide.

In Zuma, though, it is more than just the sushi and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s interior décor is also a destination in itself, along with a meticulously planned urban appeal and an elegant twist.


The trend of high-end Japanese restaurants continue on, with Ozake fast emerging as another Bangkok favorite for those craving to eat fresh sushi. In addition to a great selection of sushi, the restaurant also serves up amazing drinks and cocktails. There are several food items uniquely available to Ozake as well, which has driven lots of people to come and eat here.


Capping off the list on the best sushi restaurants in the Thai capital is Kisso. This restaurant is noted for its ability to deliver timeless classic on the menu, along with a modern touch that helps achieve the right balance. Their menu option is quite overwhelming, too – a welcome surprise for true-blue sushi fans.

Moreover, the man behind Kisso is a world-renowned sushi chef – who has traveled the world to sharpen his chef skills. Hence, you can expect a certain level of quality in your sushi dishes when you dine at Kisso. Read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restaurant.

The search for the best sushi restaurant in Bangkok ends with Kisso Japanese Restaurant. Kisso’s executive chef, Shinsuke Yonekawa, is a well-travelled sushi chef with several years under his belt. In Kisso, he showcases that their menu is filled with seasonal variations of top Japanese favorites.

He also shows great respect for the Japanese cuisine, while not being afraid to infuse a modern vibe into the dishes he prepares for restaurant guests. If you would like to see more of their menu or learn where to find Kisso Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok, visit their official website at http://www.kissojapaneserestaurant.com/en/.…