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What to Look For in a Catering Contract


If you have finally chosen a corporate catering Melbourne service to handle the food for your wedding, corporate events or other similar occasions, it might see like the hard part is over. However, it is not. You still have a few important things to handle in terms of ironing out the details of your catering contract. It is important that you carefully read every detail and terms of the contract so you can get the services you expect.
corporate catering melbourne
Below is a rundown of essential things to look out for in your contract agreement with corporate or wedding caterers in Melbourne:
• Make sure that the exact location of the event and the time of the event are listed in the contract agreement. You need to coordinate with your wedding catering or office catering Melbourne service about any last minute changes to the agreed time and venue on the contract.
• The contract for corporate catering Melbourne service should specify the types of services you can enjoy with the company. For instance, most caterers will offer table setup and waiting service to be included in the catering package. However, not all caterers offer this kind of service, or will charge additional fees if you want for these services to be added into the package. If you do not find this information detailed in the contract, make sure that you talk to your caterer about this.
• The contract should outline the staff to guest ratio, as well as the sizes of the food served to suit the number of your guests. The least you would want to happen in your wedding or corporate event is for food to run out, leaving some of the guests without food.
• The contract should specify the name and contact details of the catering company’s contact person. Most caterers are made up of several staff members. Hence, it can be confusing when you are trying to determine who to talk to if you have any concerns. A contact person must be clearly indicated in the contract so you know who to speak to if you have any concerns or changes you want to be made.
• The contract agreement should also provide a detailed list of food items or menu to be served at the event. If liquors or beverages are to be served at the venue, then make sure that they are also included in the contract.
• A contract agreement should clearly state when the catering company expects for the final payment to be made. Catering companies expect the service to be fully paid a few days or weeks prior to the event. Hence, you need to check this information on the contract to avoid forfeiture of the initial down payment you have made. In addition, you must also check the cancellation and refund policy.
Hiring a corporate catering Melbourne service is not cheap. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that the contract contains the services you expect to get from your caterer. Contracts are always negotiable; hence, you need to read the fine print carefully to ensure that any loopholes are fixed.

Understanding the Fusion of Thai and American Cuisine


Thai cuisine is undoubtedly one of the more popular Asian cuisines in the world. Wherever you may be in the world, you can find a Thai restaurant in any city. Hence, it speaks a lot about the popularity of the cuisine. It is therefore not surprising why a lot of modern chefs or cooking enthusiasts are looking for Thai recipes to be able to master the techniques of this cuisine.

Thai recipes

Over the years, though, Thai cuisine has seen a dramatic change and evolution. With more Thai natives migrating to the US, a lot of them had brought back some of the American influences to their native land. Meanwhile, there are also several successful Thai chefs based in the US that are incorporating several American cooking techniques and ingredients into their stir fry recipes or San Choy Bow recipe. This has resulted in a marriage of two different flavors and techniques from two different cuisines to produce a unique cuisine.

One of the initial stages of fusion between American and Thai cuisine involves the use of peanut sauce. This particular sauce is an integral component that made up authentic Thai cooking. Aside from the sauce, peanut is also used in a lot of Thai recipes, along with other derivative products from peanut. Today, American cuisine has also used peanut and peanut sauce in a lot of its modern recipes.

The health benefits of Thai cuisine are also no secret, which has prompted a lot of Americans to adapt their way of cooking. The use of fresh herbs, for instance, contributes to a healthier way of cooking. Fresh herbs such as basil, coriander, turmeric, lemon grass, and more herbs, are known to not only enrich the flavor of dishes but also offer several health benefits. American and Thai fusion cuisines therefore feature a lot of these herbs to take up the flavor to another level and experience health benefits. After all, science has proven that these natural herbs contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and other harmful toxins off the body.

There are certain limitations to recreating Thai Masterchef recipes in the US, though. For instance, there are several ingredients used in Thai cuisine that are sourced only from Thailand and not available in the US. Hence, it is difficult to recreate these recipes unless you have access to those ingredients. And this alone is what makes Thai cuisine highly coveted and well preserved. A lot of recipes from Thai cuisine infused with American influences replace most of those ingredients with the closest substitutes. It takes a lot of creativity to be able to replicate the dish with different set of ingredients. However, it is also a testament to the American creativity as they provide their own variation to these classic Thai dishes.

If you would like to explore more of Thai cuisine and modern recipes, visit Marion’s Kitchen features a lot of modern methods of cooking and enjoying Thai recipes. You can also check out her recipes that were infused with a modern take to make it easier to learn and master the techniques of Thai cooking.…

Where to Find the Best Sushi in Bangkok


Japanese is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Hence, it is not surprising to find several Japanese restaurants no matter where you are in the world. Such is the case in Bangkok. In fact, you will find a great selection if you are looking for a sushi restaurant in Bangkok. But if you only have a limited time (and budget) to explore, it is important to narrow down your list to the very best. You have come to the right place as you will learn more about where to get the best sushi while in Bangkok.

Tsu & Nami

If you are looking for a sushi restaurant in Bangkok, this one is like hitting two birds in one. Tsu is where you can find the sushi bar, while Nami is where you can indulge in all sorts of teppanyaki goodness. Hence, this is a hot destination for sushi lovers in Bangkok because you do not have to go elsewhere to satisfy your cravings.

Don’t expect for this to be a cheap dining destination, though, as this restaurant is located in the upscale Marriott Hotel.


Another posh Japanese restaurant has landed in Bangkok! Zuma has branches in other top cities in the world such as Miami, Dubai, and London. They have finally landed in Bangkok to deliver the same sushi goodness, which made it a big name worldwide.

In Zuma, though, it is more than just the sushi and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s interior décor is also a destination in itself, along with a meticulously planned urban appeal and an elegant twist.


The trend of high-end Japanese restaurants continue on, with Ozake fast emerging as another Bangkok favorite for those craving to eat fresh sushi. In addition to a great selection of sushi, the restaurant also serves up amazing drinks and cocktails. There are several food items uniquely available to Ozake as well, which has driven lots of people to come and eat here.


Capping off the list on the best sushi restaurants in the Thai capital is Kisso. This restaurant is noted for its ability to deliver timeless classic on the menu, along with a modern touch that helps achieve the right balance. Their menu option is quite overwhelming, too – a welcome surprise for true-blue sushi fans.

Moreover, the man behind Kisso is a world-renowned sushi chef – who has traveled the world to sharpen his chef skills. Hence, you can expect a certain level of quality in your sushi dishes when you dine at Kisso. Read more here

The search for the best sushi restaurant in Bangkok ends with Kisso Japanese Restaurant. Kisso’s executive chef, Shinsuke Yonekawa, is a well-travelled sushi chef with several years under his belt. In Kisso, he showcases that their menu is filled with seasonal variations of top Japanese favorites.

He also shows great respect for the Japanese cuisine, while not being afraid to infuse a modern vibe into the dishes he prepares for restaurant guests. If you would like to see more of their menu or learn where to find Kisso Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok, visit their official website at…