Thai cuisine is undoubtedly one of the more popular Asian cuisines in the world. Wherever you may be in the world, you can find a Thai restaurant in any city. Hence, it speaks a lot about the popularity of the cuisine. It is therefore not surprising why a lot of modern chefs or cooking enthusiasts are looking for Thai recipes to be able to master the techniques of this cuisine.

Thai recipes

Over the years, though, Thai cuisine has seen a dramatic change and evolution. With more Thai natives migrating to the US, a lot of them had brought back some of the American influences to their native land. Meanwhile, there are also several successful Thai chefs based in the US that are incorporating several American cooking techniques and ingredients into their stir fry recipes or San Choy Bow recipe. This has resulted in a marriage of two different flavors and techniques from two different cuisines to produce a unique cuisine.

One of the initial stages of fusion between American and Thai cuisine involves the use of peanut sauce. This particular sauce is an integral component that made up authentic Thai cooking. Aside from the sauce, peanut is also used in a lot of Thai recipes, along with other derivative products from peanut. Today, American cuisine has also used peanut and peanut sauce in a lot of its modern recipes.

The health benefits of Thai cuisine are also no secret, which has prompted a lot of Americans to adapt their way of cooking. The use of fresh herbs, for instance, contributes to a healthier way of cooking. Fresh herbs such as basil, coriander, turmeric, lemon grass, and more herbs, are known to not only enrich the flavor of dishes but also offer several health benefits. American and Thai fusion cuisines therefore feature a lot of these herbs to take up the flavor to another level and experience health benefits. After all, science has proven that these natural herbs contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and other harmful toxins off the body.

There are certain limitations to recreating Thai Masterchef recipes in the US, though. For instance, there are several ingredients used in Thai cuisine that are sourced only from Thailand and not available in the US. Hence, it is difficult to recreate these recipes unless you have access to those ingredients. And this alone is what makes Thai cuisine highly coveted and well preserved. A lot of recipes from Thai cuisine infused with American influences replace most of those ingredients with the closest substitutes. It takes a lot of creativity to be able to replicate the dish with different set of ingredients. However, it is also a testament to the American creativity as they provide their own variation to these classic Thai dishes.

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